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Real Impact. Real Savings. Plumbing repairs don’t always give advance warning. Let the experts fix it for you.

Clear Pricing. Guaranteed Savings.

Members of our Plumbing Pass get access to exclusive discounts. Sign up today for a $425 discount to use once every month as needed. 15% discount across the board on all other visits. Only $59/month. Cancel anytime
What is a Plumbing Pass?

A Plumbing Pass is a month to month plumbing subscription that gives you a $425 labor discount once every month towards any plumbing service and a 15% discount for all additional visits.

Why subscribe to a Plumbing Pass?

One of the best benefits to having a Plumbing Pass is that you never pay full price for service. Your home has a complex network of plumbing and drainage pipes, valves and drains. Because this network is hidden behind walls and under floors, it makes plumbing repairs impossible to predict. Clogged sinks, clogged toilets, burst pipes and water heater breakdowns can be inconvenient, stressful and can lead to expensive plumbing repairs. Having a Plumbing Pass for your plumbing and drain system can help you save up to $5,100 in out-of-pocket expenses on your plumbing repairs.

Will I ever use my Plumbing Pass?

How often you use it depends on how proactive you are at maintaining your plumbing system, but most members use it multiple times a year. As a Plumbing Pass member, you are eligible to receive a partial refund of your monthly subscription costs; if you use it at least six times and your total monthly subscription costs exceed your total labor savings in the preceding 12-month period. If Costs exceed Savings, we will refund you the difference.

Does it matter if my plumbing is old?

The age and condition of your plumbing system doesn’t affect our ability to work on your plumbing system or your ability to become a Plumbing Pass member.

Is there a waiting period after I join?

No. As long as you have a Plumbing Pass before our technician arrives, you can use your Plumbing Pass benefits that same day.

What services can I use my Plumbing Pass subscription for?
  • Exterior & interior water, drain and gas line repair
  • Clogged toilets, clogged drains and clogged sewers
  • Toilets, faucets and garbage disposals
  • Water, gas and drainpipe replacement
  • Water heater installation & repair
  • Plumbing & sewer maintenance and inspections
  • and more…
How much is a Plumbing Pass?

Recurring membership is only $59 per month.
Without a Plumbing Pass subscription one job alone can quickly exceed the full cost of membership.

Is there a contract once I join?

No. There is no long-term contract, membership is month to month. You can choose to cancel anytime by calling our office or keep your subscription as long as needed for $59/month.

How do I pay my monthly membership fees?

When you sign up as a Plumbing Pass member, you’ll provide a payment method, such as a credit card, debit card, or ACH. We store all payment information securely using the latest security standards and encryptions. We will charge your monthly membership fee to your payment method on file on the 26th of each month for as long as you want to remain a member.

How do I cancel my Plumbing Pass?

To cancel, simply reach out to our customer care center by calling or emailing with your desire to cancel your Plumbing Pass membership by the 19th of the month you want to cancel.

How Does My Subscription Work?

Step 1: Sign up for a monthly Plumbing Pass
Step 2: Call us for any plumbing service and get a discount up to $425
Step 3: Call for plumbing service again and get a discount up to $425
Step 4: Call for plumbing service again and get a discount up to $425
Step 5: Call for plumbing service again and get a discount up to $425
…we could keep going, but I think you get the idea.

Month to Month Plumbing Pass

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